Enable Trim in macOS Sierra

Enable Trim in macOS Sierra
September 22, 2016 Oskar

Enhance your SSD performance in Sierra by enabling Trim with Disk Sensei or Trim Enabler!

All of our apps now support macOS Sierra and will enable Trim safely for 3rd party Solid State Drives.

Disk Sensei

Disk Sensei

Worlds most advanced disk performance tool for Mac


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Trim Enabler

Improve Solid State Drive performance and longevity


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  1. Abby 3 months ago

    Is Trim Enabler not free any more? I noticed today that my trim enabler was off so I tried to turn it on and it pops up a new window and requires me to buy a licence. At the bottom it says 0 days left. I thought that trim enabler is free and disk sensei was paid. I am on OS 10.12.1 and trim enabler version 3.6.1. Please let me know.

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