Cindori releases Disk Sensei

Cindori, one of the leading Swedish Mac software companies and the creator of Trim Enabler, announces the release of a new disk utility software for OS X.

Meet Disk Sensei, the worlds most advanced disk performance tool for Mac. We have created a swiss-army knife for your Mac, with powerful features to monitor, maintain and enhance storage performance and utilization. Disk Sensei is the worlds first software of it’s kind, with a strong focus on minimalistic design, it is an advanced disk performance tool that you don’t have to be a computer professional to understand.

Disk Sensei provides features to:

Monitor drive usage and statistics
Analyze and explain drive health
Visualize drive content to help users understand and maintain their file system
Clean out space-hogging caches, logs and other large files
Optimize drive performance and free up space through advanced OS X tweaks
Enable Trim for Solid State Drives
First software to offer Manual Trim for Solid State Drives
Benchmark drives and compare their performance

Disk Sensei works for any kind of storage, Hard Drives, Solid State Drives and External Drives. Disk Sensei requires OS X 10.9 or later.

With the wide range of advanced, versatile features and minimalistic design of Disk Sensei, there is really no other software like it out there. Despite that, we have decided to price Disk Sensei at half the price of other software in this category. Disk Sensei is sold for $19.99. Customers who have purchased Trim Enabler can upgrade to Disk Sensei for only $9.99 (50% discount).

About Cindori

Cindori AB is a Swedish company dedicated to developing unique software that enhances the Mac experience. Cindori is operated by Oskar Groth, a Computer Science student with a passion for pushing the performance of Mac computers. Cindori developed Trim Enabler, the most popular Solid State Drive-utility in the world for Mac, and brought iOS-like features to OS X with Control Center for Mac.

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