Safely enable Trim on Yosemite and El Capitan!

Safely enable Trim on Yosemite and El Capitan!
July 2, 2015 Oskar

I am very happy to announce the new method to enable Trim on OS X Yosemite and El Capitan.

Using Disk Sensei or Trim Enabler, you can now enable Trim on OS X Yosemite (10.10.3 or later) and OS X El Capitan without disabling kext signing!

Thanks to new functionality introduced by Apple, I’ve been able to develop a driver that can enable Trim without modifying your system in any way. This is a huge breakthrough for Trim on OS X!

This means that:

Disabling kext signing is no longer necessary!
The “gray boot screen/stop sign” issue is gone!
Your system is no longer modified in any way!
Trim will no longer reset on updates!

This is the easiest and safest way to enable Trim on OS X. It is even better than using the new built in trimforce command, since that requires 10.10.4 and may require disabling system security on El Cap.

Here’s how to enable Trim safely on OS X Yosemite or El Capitan:

Disable Trim with your current Trim-tool of your choice (if you already have it enabled)
Download Disk Sensei (if you have it, update to version 1.2)
Open Disk Sensei and select Tools -> Trim
Enable Trim and reboot

Safe Trim Enabling is part of Disk Sensei update 1.2 and Trim Enabler 3.1. Full change logs:

Disk Sensei 1.2:
– Revamped Trim Enabling: Disk Sensei now uses a custom Cindori driver to safely enable Trim for 3rd party drives!
– Added OS X El Capitan support
– Added OS X 10.10.4 support
– Fixed an issue where Health (S.M.A.R.T) updates would trigger heavy drive load
– Fixed an issue with the center label in the Visual feature
– Fixed an issue with the Trim switch
– Added 7-day trial mode

Trim Enabler 3.4:
– Revamped Trim Enabling: Trim Enabler now uses a custom Cindori driver to safely enable Trim for 3rd party drives!
– Added OS X El Capitan support
– Added OS X 10.10.4 support


  1. Vik 1 year ago

    I am looking at upgrading my OSX to El Capitan. I have v1.2 of Disk Sensei and I have enabled the trim and rebooted a while back.
    Q. Upgrading to El Capitan I can just do it? Do I have perform any other processes before I upgrade my OSX?

    • Shirley 6 months ago

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  2. NightwatchNL 1 year ago

    Yes, you can (as Obama used to say)

  3. Jonathan 1 year ago

    I have been running Trim Enabler 3.4.2. I have just upgraded to OS X 10.11. Will Trim Enabler continue to function properly?

  4. Azaz 1 year ago

    Does the amsung evo ssd model MZ-75E120B/AM support trimenabler ? if yes, are there any precautions ….

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  6. Hoover 1 year ago

    MBP HDD crashed with no time machine backup (Wife’s laptop, and I am not a Mac-savvy dude). I am replacing it with a Sandisk Ultra II 480gb SSD. Used the internet recovery method (CMD-OPT-R) and have been able to get disk utility running. But can’t get the SSD to format properly. First Aid passes, Erase fails. Help????
    1. Is this a Trim issue?
    2. How can I manipulate trim w/o an operable OS X El Capitan?

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  8. RS 1 year ago

    This is my first time installing an SSD on my MacBook Pro (mid 2009). I did update my system to El Capitan and now the next step is to install the SSD. Correct me if I’m wrong but since this is the first SSD for my comp I don’t need to disable trim. I just install the SSD then I download Sensai then enable trim. Thanks!

    • Author
      Oskar Groth 1 year ago

      Correct, either way will work fine. There is no incorrect procedure once you are using Disk Sensei on El Cap.

  9. Edgar C. 12 months ago

    Just purchased Disk Sensei 1.2 today and so far, it works perfectly with no issues on El Capitan 10.11.3 using a SanDisk Ultra II 960GB SSD in my 17″ Macbook Pro (Early 2011). I bought Disk Sensei to enable TRIM which Apple disables for any 3rd party SSD. Before TRIM enabled: read speed 515.5 MB/s, write speed 244.1 MB/s and rewrite speed 129.1 MB/s. After TRIM enabled: read speed 536.3 MB/s, write speed 287.1 MB/s and rewrite speed 122 MB/s. I am happy with this purchase and will report any issues.

  10. Edgar C. 12 months ago

    Update: Just ran the Benchmark test in Disk Sensei 1.2 for the 3rd time and results went up. Results for read speed 532.4 MB/s, write 400.4 MB/s and rewrite speed 127.7 MB/s.

  11. Frencci 11 months ago

    I was buy Trim Enabler… Another app to buy again? ! Scandal! Back my money if You can’t protect my Imac with SSD! It’s joke or something?

  12. NATO Poppins 11 months ago

    I am trying you the Trim enabler out, lets see if this thing really works…

    • Agatha 6 months ago

      That’s cleared my thoughts. Thanks for cougribntint.

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  13. Dan Laidlaw 10 months ago

    I’m running El Capitain with Disk Sensei and after running the OSX upgrade get the grey screen, it finally boots from the original internal mac drive and if I restart it on the ssd drive I find that the update to OSX has not been done… I emailed them asking about if I should turn off trimming but no reply back after a few days.

  14. Boisdequin 9 months ago

    J’ai acheté votre logiciel cependant j’ai du reformater mon disque dur .
    Je ne retrouve plus mon code d’activation.
    Pouvez-vous me le renvoyer.
    Je vous remercie d’avance.

    Bien à vous

  15. toyota tan cang 8 months ago

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  16. Tremblay Camille 8 months ago

    Avec «Disk Sensei» d’installer sur mon Mac Pro avec un disk SSD qui n’est pas un Apple…
    SI JE PROCÈDE À UNE MISE À JOUR DE SÉCURITÉ APPLE OU DE SYSTEM, dois-je désactiver avant de faire la mise à jour «Disk Sensei».

    Merci pour votre réponse…


  17. Will Carson 7 months ago

    Is it possible to enable trim on an external SSD (samsung 1 TB) drive? 2011 MBP El Capitain??

  18. Vernacular Keening 7 months ago

    Just to clarify matters due to mild attacks of blind animal panic:

    I’m currently on OX 9.4, using a Samsung SSD 830, disabled trim using Trim Enabler, downloaded the latest version of Disk Sensei, enabled trim and rebooted. Do I have to do anything else before upgrading to El Capitan to prevent gray screens, inaccessible partitions, etc., etc.?

    • Author
      Oskar 6 months ago

      Just enable Trim with Disk Sensei and you’re good!

  19. Pete 6 months ago

    Sorry- mistype.
    The correct terminal command is:

    sudo trimforce enable

  20. Humayun 6 months ago


    My MacBook Pro Mid 2012 is running on the latest OSX Version 10.11.6. I have installed a Samsung 850 Pro SSD as my main Hard Drive. Please confirm if this will work on OSX 10.11.6 SamSung 850 Pro SSD?

    Thank you

    • Author
      Oskar 6 months ago

      Will Work just fine.

  21. Eduardo 3 months ago

    Sierra support?

  22. Richard 2 months ago

    Any chance of 10.10.5 support?
    I’m not planning on updating due to the age of the Macbook 2008 that I have.
    It currently shows “stop” and freeze on restart with Trim Enabled in Disk Sensei.


    • Author
      Oskar 2 months ago

      Hi Richard
      All our apps support 10.10.5 just fine. Make sure to use the latest version.

  23. Frustrated 3 weeks ago

    I’ve been having issues upgrading our Mac Mini (2010) with a 960gb Sandisk SSD. Seems no matter how I format, clone, install an OS, the SSD just won’t start up once it’s been internally installed. I’ve read about other possible OS install methods, but I’ve also run across that we may need to enable TRIM.

    Do you know if this is true for our situation, and… if your apps will help?


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