Status of Trim Enabler in Yosemite

Status of Trim Enabler in Yosemite
October 17, 2014 Oskar


Trim Enabler 3.3 is out, with improved compatibility with OS X Yosemite.

Does Trim Enabler work in OS X Yosemite?

The answer is Yes, but due to new security features in Yosemite, enabling Trim can cause problems with your OS X installation.

Make sure to read this document about Trim Enabler and Yosemite before enabling Trim on Yosemite:

Link: FAQ and support for Trim in Yosemite


  1. Brian Beck 2 years ago

    Updated to 10.10.1 today, using the m500 ssd drive from Crucial, complete lockup. tries to boot to about 50% the white screen of death, can’t boot to safe mode, only single user mode, repaired disk permissions, was able to put macbook pro 2011 into target disk mode from other mac, repaired permissions from there, finally was able to boot into normal mode and turn trim off, reinstalling os, going to leave trim off for now.

  2. abd 2 years ago

    Working great on 2011 and 2012 MBP and updated to 10.10.1:
    1. pre-update: disable trim support/ and enable kext signing with TE
    2. update to 10.10.1
    3. re-enable Trim/disable kext signing with TE
    4. 🙂

  3. kk 2 years ago

    Thanks for the confirmation abd. I’ve been wondering if anyone has had luck with 10.10.1. and TE 3.3!

    • alien 2 years ago

      I am using 10.10.1
      the trick is after trim asking you to reboot at second times, choose to shutdown your mac than you should wait about few minute after you mac really off.
      after that just simply turn it back on.
      I hope it help

      • Moridin 2 years ago

        Not working for me. Could you post an exact guide, step by step?

  4. psilvester44 2 years ago

    Has anyone tried updating a samsung 840 Evo Drive with the new firmware yet? And does having Trim enabler on and Kext Signing turned off effect it in any way? or is this all done at a bios sort ofe level so the programmes dont come into it?

    I would appreciate any thoughs as thanks to you guys my macbook pro is humming like a bird.


  5. Rich 2 years ago

    I loaded yosemite and my system wouldn’t boot, but I could go into single user mode and fsck and mount the drive just fine. I went looking for the issue I was having and found the enabling trim for non apple SSD’s and this has solved my issue. I bought the 512GB SSD when I first bought my MacBookPro about 3 years ago. It has worked flawlessly which is why I went looking for a solution. I ran into one variation in your website instructions. When I trie to do the nvram boot-args I got an error message. I went forward anyway and put in the second nvram command and rebooted and followed the rest of the instructions and everything worked fine. Thanks so much for posting this information. I am incredibly disappointed in Apple for this proprietary SSD requirement that harmed folks using their purchased systems. Hey Apple who do you think you are Steve Balmer or Bill Gates. Give me a break and stop trying to protect market share by hurting your loyal followers.

    If this keeps up I will go back to running LINUX on a standard PC platform and use Virtual Box to run the handful of applications my company requires me to run under a windows virtual box instance.

  6. surfcow 2 years ago

    Hi there,
    Running Yosemite. Volumes are not encrypted.
    Currently can not boot, getting the stop-sign on the boot screen.

    In Recovery mode.

    On thie page:
    Followed these instructions “Recovering from stop sign on boot screen” – did not work. Still boots to stop sign.
    Followed these instructions “Reversing any changes by Trim Enabler” – did not work. Still boots to stop sign.

    Tried to re-install the OS from Recovery mode – no luck. It says I need more space, must empty trash.

    Does anyone know how to empty the trash from the terminal in recovery mode?

    thank you,

  7. Eduardo 2 years ago

    It won’t let me go to recovery mode using cmnd+R, so I’m stuck with the gray stop sign. Any ideas?

  8. Cynthia 2 years ago

    Need to upgrade to more contemporary OS (running 10.6.8) for newer software but want to keep old Creative Suite which will not run on Maverick or Yosemite. Was guided to an SSD card, booting to run old programs and use either of the above OS’s for the new software. From all I read, I’m thinking to install Maverick rather than Yosemite avoiding all the new complications. I’m not that savvy, don’t have to have all the latest whistles and bells (obviously if I still have 10.6.8), preferring not to have to resort to all of these tricks. Advise please and I only need about 50 GB for the SSD; does Cindori have a good one?

    Thank you experts.

  9. Rob 2 years ago

    This enable/disable advice is all very well, but what do you do if you cannot boot up your Macbook Air (early 2011) in the first place?
    Someone please tell me how to reboot

    • KC2684 2 years ago

      Perhaps you should tell us what in particular prevents you from booting your MBA.
      Do you get the Gey STOPand/or X?
      Oscar has provided some steps in this site to restart.
      I would also think that TRIM Enabler is not required since the MBA’s have SSD’s and that, unless you changed to a different supplier to perhaps get a larger drive, the Apple turns on TRIM for its SSD drives.

  10. Cynthia (again from Dec. 16) 2 years ago

    Apologize for not reading earlier posts thoroughly. Found chris_974 (October 27, 2014) who replies: “that SSD Samsung 840 EVO 1To works wonderfully without using trim enabler 3.3. … that it uses by default the garbage collector ( it’s the same thing that TRIM). You can uninstall Trim Enabler …. So, my experience lets me to tell you, if you use a same SSD or equivalent, don’t use trim enabler immediately (?), make the update to yosemite, state that the new OS works normally and fast, wait for a new update of yosemite “10.10.01″ with trim activated by default for SSD’s third party.
    Nota Bene : If you are sceptical, search in google Samsung SSD 840 EVO and garbage collector and read comments’s”

    Read the above comments on 840 EVO and I’m sold; very grateful for this Chris_ 974. But I’m still confused. Are you deactivating/uninstalling Trim immediately and then use later? Why when you’re saying that it’s redundant to the inner garbage mechanism of Samsung 840? Clarification please.

    Thank you.

  11. chris_974 2 years ago

    At the beginning i used yosemite OS X 10.10 without TE activated, not installed.
    I take a lot of photos with my Canon 70D and work with Aperture. I noticed that Aperture took more time to open the library (8900 photos) over time.
    So i decided to use TE 3.3 and effectively Aperture works now really better. Aperture opens my library immediately, there is no latency.
    I recommend to use TE 3.3 with your EVO 840 EVO, Trim and GC are complementary.

    Kind regards.

  12. Moridin 2 years ago

    After installing the OS X 10.10.1 update, TRIM enabler stopped working. This is what happens when I try to turn it on:

    1. Run TE 3.3.
    2. Switch lever to ON.
    3. Mac restarts to turn OFF kext signing.
    4. Switch lever to ON again.
    5. Popup informs me that it needs to restart to turn OFF kext signing. Again.
    6. GOTO 1. Can’t seem to enable it.

    Shutting down the Mac during reboot doesn’t help either.

    Any ideas?

  13. Corey Nguyen 2 years ago

    I have a quick question. So my 15″ mbp mid 2012 has the yosemite 10.10.2 update and I have trim enabler, but it is not enabled. Do I just turn the switch on a reboot as normal or do I have to turn kext off, and if so how? I’m pretty new on this stuff, so sorry if this question was answered already.

    • Binh Quang 2 years ago

      Ok, I updated the OS X to 10.10.2 yesterday and it rebooted fine, so I was anable TRIM and restarted to take affect. It did not boot up. It just die at the white screen. Reset PRAM, did a recovery mode, verify HHD and repair HHD, did not work, reinstall OS X and it boot up again.


  14. Chumdoggin 2 years ago

    Hi Oskar,

    Not sure I used TE but was doing some message/cloud/wifi stuff booted in safe mode and got the blocked sign on boot. I went into another installation and removed those bt/network kexts then remembered I may have installed te. Your terminal commands for recovery boot fixed the problem wonderfully. Thank you.

    Im wondering if booting in safe mode effected the boot flags? I heard I think from you the pram reset did but nothing about booting in safe mode. Or did I miss that part?

  15. Taaniel 2 years ago

    Samsung 840 EVO & MBP mid 2012 user here.

    I’ve re-enabled TRIM multiple times, everything seems okay in the system report, but still ssd write speeds are max 20-70mb/s. I also went through the process with “fsck -fy” and still no signs of the speed I had before upgrading to Yosemite.
    Any help? All though system runs fine, and my MBP reboot time is 20 seconds, I still feel a slight performance change compared to the speed I had with Mavericks.

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